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The Socket Rocket

Instantly play Bluetooth music & phone calls in your older car


What does it let me do?

Play phone music

Listen to your favourite music, podcasts, audiobooks or anything straight through your car speakers

Answer phone calls

Easily pick-up calls with the press-to-answer button and the in-built microphone

Charge your phone plus more!

Features two USB slots for charging your devices as well as other features including flash drive playback

Customer Reviews

Easily one of the best purchases I have ever made. I got this for my 2002 Volvo - it was really easy to set up and it works exactly as advertised.

Sharon Lardingham, QLD Australia

I stumbled across this on Facebook and it turned my older Suzuki Swift into a music-playing, phone-charging "supercar" haha!

Mary Campbell, Perth Australia

If your car doesn't have Bluetooth built-in, the Socket Rocket is the ideal solution. My wife was in this situation and it made a great Xmas present!

Ricky Geeba, New Zealand

I've had the Socket Rocket in my car for a year - and it has been the best year of driving I've ever had. Plus it came in about 2 days!

Allan Roberts, QLD Australia

I've seen the Socket Rocket all over TikTok - and decided to give it a go. Now my kids can listen to music on the way to school - they love it!

Paul Turreng, NSW Australia
Will it work in my car?

Will it work in my car?

Works in ANY car that has a cigarette lighter socket and a radio that plays FM stations!

How does it work?

Plugs into lighter socket

Plug the Socket Rocket into your car and your lighter socket will power it on while your car is running.

Connects to phone

Easily connect your phone to the Socket Rocket via Bluetooth settings. Once set up, connects automatically each time.

Plays through radio

The Socket Rocket plays ALL your phone's audio onto an unused radio station that you tune your car radio to

Over 30 000+ customers

Over 30 000+ customers

Transform your older car today and join thousands of other happy drivers around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The Socket Rocket plugs into your car's cigarette lighter socket - this is what powers it

(No - it won't drain your battery!)

It then allows your phone to find the Socket Rocket in Bluetooth settings. Once connected, every time you start your car, it will automatically connect.

Next, tune your car's stereo/radio to the exact same station that is displayed on the Socket Rocket's LED screen (this station is adjustable too).

The Socket Rocket will then stream any audio off your phone (literally ANYTHING) straight through your car speakers for you to enjoy.

Bring on the Spotify playlists, audiobooks, phone calls and MORE!

Will it work in my vehicle?

We guarantee that the Socket Rocket will work in your vehicle perfectly if you have a working cigarette lighter socket and have a radio/stereo that plays FM stations. This is all you need!

Can I play anything off my phone?

Yep! There aren't ANY limits on what you can play - whether it be Spotify, phone calls, YouTube, Apple Music or a podcast. It's all at your fingertips!

How do I connect my phone to the Socket Rocket?

Once you start your car and plug the Socket Rocket in, it will become visible in your phone's Bluetooth settings. You can then tap on it and connect instantly.

The Socket Rocket is compatible with ANY device (e.g. iPad, Android phone, Apple iPhone, etc.) as long as it has Bluetooth!

What is the audio quality like?

The Socket Rocket provides you with fantastic audio quality, however this will vary based on the condition of your existing car speakers. If you are experiencing static noises, please refer to our troubleshooting guide here

Where is my order coming from?

We ship WORLDWIDE every single business day (Monday-Friday) from our brand new Melbourne warehouse in Clayton, Victoria.

Generally, most orders placed before 12pm are dispatched the same day.

Tracking is sent automatically to your email!

How long will my order take to get to me?

It won't take long! We've got a whole page of information about shipping here

Can I play music off a USB or Micro SD card?

Sure can. However, if you are using a USB, the Socket Rocket only supports FAT32 file systems.

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