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Want to play WIRELESS music off your phone in any car, old or new?

Listening to the radio can be very frustrating. You never get to pick the music and there's ads every second minute...

INSTEAD, wouldn't you enjoy being able to play your own music playlists, podcasts, eBooks or call loved ones on the go? 🎵🎵

And - if your car doesn't have Bluetooth, normally you've got a couple alternatives:

 Replacing your car stereo ❌ $150-300 + Installation Costs
 Using an annoying AUX cord that gets in the way ❌ $5-10

Forget about these! The Socket Rocket Bluetooth Plug is the most affordable and effective solution for cars that don't have Bluetooth built in ✔️ Priced at an affordable $39.99 (with Afterpay available), it has a lot on offer.

Features include:
✅ HIGH QUALITY, clear Bluetooth audio off your phone
✅ Once set up, connects to your car automatically
 Hands-free calls (inbuilt mic) & GPS prompts
 Two USB charging ports for your devices
 Supports playback from USBs or Micro SD cards

So STOP driving around without Bluetooth! The solution is a click away. Secure yours today for fast WORLDWIDE shipping and a hassle-free delivery experience. It's time to go wireless!


This awesome package includes:

2 x Socket Rocket Car Bluetooth Plugs

2 x Phone Charging Cables (choose from USB C, Lightning or Micro USB)

2 x Mystery Fragrance Car Air Fresheners

Plus, you'll get FREE EXPRESS shipping if you're in Australia!

If you're an international customer, score FREE ARAMEX shipping!



Below are a collection of most of our frequently asked questions. They cover features, shipping, size, specifications, compatibility and more!

Will it work in my car?
The Socket Rocket works in ANY vehicle that has a working FM radio (most cars have), cigarette lighter socket and car speakers. We have set these up in hundreds of customers' cars for them, to their delight!

Also compatible in trucks (up to 24V vehicles).

Does it take a long time to set it up?
Absolutely not! It generally takes about 1-2 minutes to get started. Anyone can set it up in their car with ease. Our online or in-box instructions make setup easy!

How does it work?
The Socket Rocket plugs into your car's cigarette lighter socket. Simply connect your phone to the Socket Rocket in your phone's Bluetooth settings.

Tune your radio and the Rocket to the same FM radio station. Once complete, turn the volume up and play your favourite songs - with no wires needed!

Do not tune your Socket Rocket to a normal listening station, such as B105.3FM, as this will affect your listening quality. Simply tune it to a different, unused station, for example 88.3FM.

Our instruction guide can be found on our home page, by clicking Help

What does it do for my car?
This handy device lets you stream/play ANY audio, music or phone calls from any Bluetooth-compatible device (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, iPad) to your car. The audio comes out of your car speakers, as if you were listening to the radio.

Best of all - no wires required. The Socket Rocket operates wirelessly via Bluetooth.

You can also charge up to two devices on the go and play off a USB/Micro SD card.

Can I take phone calls?
Of course you can! Simply press the green call button to pick up any incoming calls. The Socket Rocket has an in-built microphone on the left side of the front to make talking to your loved ones easier.

To make an outgoing call, you need to dial on your phone (when not driving) or use Siri/Hey Google to start a phone call.

Can I play Spotify or Apple Music?
Yes, and lots more! Whatever your phone plays will play through your car stereo via Bluetooth. This includes Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, you name it!

You can even play music from a USB or a Micro SD card. To play via USB, plug into the right USB port, and ensure your USB is of a FAT32 format. To change your USB type, visit

Can I charge my phone?
Absolutely! The Socket Rocket features two USB ports. You can also plug a USB with music on it into the right USB port. No more running out of battery! See USB specs below.

How good is the audio quality?
Fantastically crisp and clear! Our customers love it. It's very important to make sure you follow our instruction guide closely to make sure you get the best results from the Socket Rocket.

Will it fit in my car?
The Socket Rocket fits into most cars easily, because it is quite compact. To ensure it fits in your car, see the dimensions below:
Dimensions: 40mmx40mmx74mm

Can I see some reviews?
Of course! Check out our reviews here:

What's shipping time like?
We are an Australian operated and shipped-from business. All orders are fulfilled from one of our two warehouses, located in Melbourne and Sydney. Visit our Shipping page or the home page for full shipping times. We ship WORLDWIDE!

Full Features:
High quality and crisp Bluetooth music
Press the green call button to pickup incoming calls
Super easy to use, manual included
Two bonus USB slots to charge your phone
Capable of playing music off Micro SD/USB
Built-in microphone to talk to your friends

Dimensions: 40mmx40mmx74mm
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
USB Output: 5V/3.4A(Max)
Left USB: 2.4A
Right USB: 1.0A USB
Voltage: DC 12-24V (Works in trucks too!)
Certification: CE,RoHs,FC
Weight: 29g


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Our 100% Money-Back Triple-Protection Guarantee

Here at Socket Rocket, we are confident in the quality and features of our products. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of you receiving your order, we will help you to resolve the problem, replace or refund your entire order.

Will this work in my vehicle?

Two simple requirements for enjoying the benefits of the Socket Rocket!

Cigarette lighter socket

Simply plug in and play. The Socket Rocket is powered via the cigarette lighter socket in your car.

Car FM radio

The Socket Rocket works by transmitting your phone audio through radio onto your car speakers, so you'll need to ensure your car can play normal FM radio (most cars can!)


Got a question? Browse our most commonly asked questions below, or get in touch if your question's answer isn't below.
How does the Socket Rocket play music?
You connect your phone to the Socket Rocket via Bluetooth, and the Socket Rocket then transmits what your phone is playing onto your radio system (stereo) in your car. It uses your existing car speakers that you normally use to listen to the radio.
What if my car's really old, will the Socket Rocket still work?
If you have a working radio, car speakers and a functioning cigarette lighter socket, then absolutely!
How do I connect my phone to the Socket Rocket?
Once your car engine/ignition is on and the Socket Rocket is plugged in, find HY-87 in your phone's Bluetooth settings and connect to it
What do you recommend using for the radio station with the Socket Rocket?
Our personal favourite is 88.3FM, however any FM station will work, provided you are not going near your major regular radio stations (e.g. B105 FM, 96.5 FM, etc.)
Can I play music off a USB or Micro SD card?
Yes, you sure can. However, if you are using a USB, the Socket Rocket only supports FAT32 file systems.
When will my order be shipped?
We strive for same day shipping where possible. Generally, your order will be shipped within 12 hours of placing your order, during business hours.
Where is my order being shipped from?
All of our orders are dispatched from either Melbourne Airport in Victoria or Padstow in NSW (Both Australian warehouses)
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Phone USB Charger Cable Cord
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Always running out of battery? Pick up a cable to complement your Socket Rocket!

Pick up our highest quality charging cable for your phone and ensure your phone is ready to go at all times.

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Cable colour may be black, blue or red depending on stock availability

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